People of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Mail may be addressed to any of the recipients below at:

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
310 West Campus Drive
Cheatham Hall, RM101, Virginia Tech (MC 0321)
Blacksburg, VA 24061


photograph of Joel Snodgrass

Joel Snodgrass
Department Head
phone: (540)231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham

Research Interests
Aquatic Ecology

photograph of Kathleen Alexander

Kathleen Alexander

phone: (540)231-5059
Office: 2103 ILSB

Research Interests
Wildlife disease, ecosystem health
phone: (540)231-4501
Office: 342 Latham

Research Interests
Stream fish communities; assessing quality of aquatic resources; conservation of aquatic systems



photograph of Leandro Castello

Leandro Castello
Assistant Professor

phone: (540)231-5046
Office: 148 Cheatham

Research Interests
Applied Fish Ecology

 photograph of Dan Catlin

Dan Catlin
Assistant Professor

phone: (540)231-1692
Office: 134 Cheatham

Research Interests
Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and inference

photograph of Michael Cherry

Michael J. Cherry
Assistant Professor

phone: (540)231-3960
Office: 106E Cheatham

Research Interests
wildlife-habitat interactions, predator-prey ecology, and ungulate ecology and management

photograph of Ashley Dayer

Ashley Dayer
Assistant Professor
phone: (540)231-8847
Office: 108 Cheatham

Research Interests
Human dimensions, private lands conservation, bird conservation, human-wildlife conflict, citizen science, research to action
phone: (540)231-4864
Office: 350 Latham

Research Interests
Salmonid ecology, watershed management, historical ecology, habitat restoration
phone: (540)231-5927
Office:106B Cheatham

Research Interests
Wildlife habitat interactions, white-tailed deer management, ecology & management of bats, non-volant small mammals & woodland salamanders, and high-elevation/relict forest management and restoration in the Appalachians.


photograph of James Fraser

James (Jim) Fraser

phone: (540)231-6064
Office: 106C Cheatham

Research Interests
Endangered species management, conservation biology

photograph of Emmanuel Frimpong

Emmanuel Frimpong
Associate Professor
phone: (540)231-6880
Office: 156 Cheatham

Research Interests
Ecology of fishes in fluvial landscapes; life history-based community and species-habitat modeling; theory and applications of aquatic bioassessment and monitoring; large scale freshwater ecosystem conservation planning and policy

photograph of Carola Haas

Carola Haas
phone: (540)231-9269
Office:112 Cheatham

Research Interests
Behavioral and population ecology; birds, reptiles, and amphibians in production agriculture and forestry systems; landscape effects on reproduction and dispersal

photograph of Eric Hallerman

Eric Hallerman

phone: (540)231-3257
Office: 114 Cheatham

Research Interests
Genetics of fish and wildlife species; Genetic improvement of aquaculture stocks; Aquaculture biotechnology and related public policy; Genetics education; Management of Horseshoe Crabs.

photo of William Hopkins

William Hopkins
Director of

Global Change Center
phone: (540)231-7292
Office: 444 Latham

Research Interests
Environmental toxicology and wildlife physiology.

photograph of Jan Jiao

Yan Jiao
Associate Professor
phone: (540)231-5749
Office:110 Cheatham

Research Interests
Population dynamics and stock assessment, quantitative ecology, risk assessment, marine fisheries management

photograph of Jess Jones

Jess Jones
Associate Professor,
Restoration Biologist-
USFWS, Co-Director of

phone: (540)231-2266/8865
Office: 106A Cheatham

Research Interests
Restoration of endangered mussel populations; conservation management of rivers; ecotoxicology of river ecosystems; mussel propagation and life history; mussel population dynamics and genetics.


photo of Sarah Karpanty

Sarah Karpanty
Associate Professor,
Graduate Program
phone: (540)231-4586
Office: 150 Cheatham

Research Interests
Predator-Prey interactions, behavioral ecology

photo of Marcella Kelly

Marcella Kelly
phone: (540)231-1734
Office:146 Cheatham

Research Interests
Ecology and population dynamics of mammal species; Tropical ecology and conservation; Predator ecology and conservation

photo of Donald Linzey

Donald Linzey
Instructional Faculty
phone: (540)231-2290
Office:154 Cheatham


photograph of Ronald Meyers

Ronald Meyers
Assistant Research Professor

Office: 106 Cheatham
Phone: (540)570-9535

Research Interests

Human dimensions of natural resources

photograph of Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy
phone: (540)231-6959
Office: 442 Latham Hall

Research Interests
Fisheries management, reservoir ecology, international conservation, Natural resource education

photograph of Donald Orth

Donald Orth
Thomas Jones Professor
phone: (540)231-5919
Office:106D Cheatham

Research Interests
Fisheries management; stream fish ecology; bioethics; population dynamics; instream flow and habitat assessment

photograph of Jim Parkhurst

Jim Parkhurst
Associate Professor

phone: (540)231-9283
Office: 350 Latham

Research Interests
Human-wildlife conflict resolution; wetlands and wetland wildlife ecology; habitat management and manipulation

photograph of Alex Silvis

Alex Silvis
Assistant Research Professor
phone: (540)231-5340
Office:106 Cheatham

photograph of Dean Stauffer

Dean Stauffer
phone: (540)231-7349
Office:152 Cheatham

Research Interests
Modeling wildlife-habitat relationships; habitat analysis; habitat assessment and evaluation


photograph of Susan Archer

Susan Archer

phone: (540)231-3983
Office: 106 Cheatham Hall

 photograph of Tara Craig

Tara Craig
Information Technology Specialist/Program Support

phone: (540)231-6944
Office: 101B Cheatham Hall

 photograph ofLynn Hayes

Lynn Hayes
Program Support

phone: (540)231-1975
Office: 101D Cheatham Hall

photograph of Dana Keith

Dana Keith
Admin Assistant to the
Department Head

phone: (540)231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham Hall

photograph of Terri Waid

Terri Waid
Virginia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Administrative Assistant (DOI/USGS)

phone: (540)231-4934
Office: 101C Cheatham Hall


Name Phone Office  Email Address Title
Serena Ciparis 231-7241 Mollusk Center Postdoctoral Associate
Donald Fraser   Boatshed Watercraft Ops Manager
Dan Gibson   Virginia Tech Shorebird Program (134 Cheatham) Research Associate
Steve Goodman   FL Wildlife Worker
Ashley Gramza 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator
John Hallagan   1880 Pratt Drive Wildlife Ecotox/Phy Eco Research Tech
William Henley 231-7241 Mollusk Center Research Associate
Zach Hurst 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall Research Associate
Kelly Jones    FL Field Coordinator
Eunbi Kwon   Virginia Tech Shorebird Program (134 Cheatham) Postdoctoral Associate
Brandon Rincon   FL Wildlife Worker
Shannon Ritter 231-4433 101 Cheatham Hall Research Assistant
Claire Sanderson 2103 ILSB Reserach Associate
Sarah Sweeten 149 Cheatham Hall Postdoctoral Associate
Faren Wolter 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall Postdoctoral Associate