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A Guide to Threatened and Endangered Species on Private Lands in Virginia
A Landowner's Guide to Wildlife Abundance Through Forestry
Easy-to-Make Birdfeeders
Planting and Managing Switchgrass for Forage, Wildlife, and Conservation
Supplemental Income from Wildlife on Your Land
Feeding Wild Birds
Management of Wood Ducks on Private Lands and Waters
The Powell River Project: Reclamation Guidelines for Surface-Mined Land in Southwest Virginia: Constructing Wetlands During Reclamation to Improve Wildlife Habitat
A Landowner's Guide to Managing Streams in the Eastern U.S.
Managed Forests for Healthy Ecosystems
Moving Toward Sustainable Forestry: Strategies for Forest Landowners
Natural Resources and Environmental Management: A Program Focus of Virginia Cooperative Extension
Understanding the Science Behind Riparian Forest Buffers: Effects on Plant and Animal Communities  


Virginia Department of Forestry: Conservation
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
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