Steve McMullin

Steve McMullin

Associate Professor, Emeritus


B.S., University of Idaho (1978)
M.S., University of Idaho (1979)
Ph.D., Virginia Tech (1993)


Mailing Address:
Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
310 West Campus Drive
Virginia Tech,Cheatham Hall, Room 101 (MC 0321)
Blacksburg, VA 24061


My research interests include human dimensions of natural resource conservation and management, policy and administration in natural resources, leadership in natural resources and workforce planning for natural resource organizations.  Much of my research has focused on balancing effective public input with biologically sound information provided by natural resource professionals in planning for conservation of fish and wildlife.

Courses Taught:

    • FiW 4464 Human Dimensions of Fisheries & Wildlife
    • NR 4105, 4106 Leadership in Natural Resources
    • FiW 6004 Leadership and Communication for Natural Resource Professionals

Select Recent Publications:

    • Carrozzino-Lyon, A.L.*, S.L. McMullin, J. A. Parkhurst. 2014. Co-orientation of state wildlife agency personnel and wildlife management area stakeholders regarding wildlife habitat management activities in Virginia. Environmental Communication
    • Carrozzino-Lyon, A.L*., S.L. McMullin, and J.A. Parkhurst. 2013. Mail and web-based survey administration: a case study with recreational users of Virginia’s wildlife management areas. Human Dimensions of Wildlife 18(3):219-233.
    • McMullin, S.L. 2013. Managing user conflicts on reservoirs supporting striped bass or hybrid striped bass fisheries. Pages 521-530 in J.S. Bulak, C.C. Coutant, and J.A. Rice, editors. Biology and management of inland striped bass and hybrid striped bass. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 80, Bethesda, Maryland.
    • McMullin, S. L. and E. Pert. 2010. The process of fisheries management. Pages 133-155 in: W.A. Hubert and M.C. Quist, editors. Inland Fisheries Management in North America, 3rd edition. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, Maryland.
    • Baydack, R., W. D. Edge, and S. L. McMullin. 2009. Preparing future wildlife professionals in wildlife education, do the ends justify the means? The Wildlife Professional 3(4): 10-11.
    • Stauffer, D. F. and S. L. McMullin. 2009. Desired Competencies and Perceived Proficiencies of Entry-Level Fisheries and Wildlife Professionals: A Survey of Employers. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 74:62-68.
    • McMullin, S. L. and C. Hunter. 2006. Advancing to a career in fisheries administration. Pages 183-204 in: D. A. Hewitt, W. E. Pine III and A. V.           Zale (eds.) The AFS Guide to Fisheries Employment (2nd edition). American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD.
    • McMullin, S. L. 2006. Baby boomers and leadership in state fish and wildlife agencies: a changing of the guard approaches. Transactions of the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference 70:27-37.
    • Lafon*, N.W., S. L. McMullin, D.E. Steffen, and R. S. Schulman. 2004. Improving stakeholder knowledge and agency image through collaborative planning. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32(1):220-231.
    • Martinez*, T. A. and S. L. McMullin. 2004. Factors affecting decisions to volunteer in nongovernmental organizations. Environment & Behavior 36:112-126.


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