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Our scientific expertise is wide-ranging, including behavioral ecology, population dynamics, physiology, ecotoxicology, disease ecology, human-wildlife conflicts, human dimensions of natural resource conservation, marine ecology and habitat-population interactions. Our wildlife faculty work with a wide variety of animals, from salamanders and turtles to bats, squirrels, shore birds, raptors, game birds, deer and large predators such as coyotes, bears and tigers. The interests of our fisheries faculty range from endangered Roanoke log perch and nongame fish communities to conservation aquaculture for imperiled freshwater mussels and management of large game fish such as muskellunge, blue catfish, and arapaima. Our work occurs in Virginia, throughout the United States and in many countries around the world, including Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Indonesia, Botswana, Ghana, and Madagascar.


  • Paul Angermeier
    Stream fish communities; assessing quality of aquatic resources; conservation of aquatic systems

  • Leandro Castello
    Applied Fish Ecology

  • Andrew Dolloff
    Salmonid ecology, watershed management, historical ecology, habitat restoration

  • Emmanuel Frimpong
    Ecology of fishes in fluvial landscapes; life history-based community and species-habitat modeling; theory and applications of aquatic bioassessment and monitoring; large scale freshwater ecosystem conservation planning and policy

  • Eric Hallerman
    Genetics of fish and wildlife species; Genetic improvement of aquaculture stocks; Aquaculture biotechnology and related public policy; Genetics education; Management of Horseshoe Crabs.

  • Yan Jiao
    Population dynamics and stock assessment, quantitative ecology, risk assessment, marine fisheries management.

  • Jess Jones
    Restoration of endangered mussel populations, conservation management of rivers, ecotoxicology of river ecosystems, mussel propagation and life history, and mussel population dynamics and genetics.

  • Brian Murphy
    Fisheries management, reservoir ecology, international conservation; Natural resource education

  • Donald Orth
    Fisheries management; stream fish ecology; bioethics; population dynamics; instream flow and habitat assessment

  • Joel Snodgrass
    Aquatic Ecology



  • Kathleen Alexander
    Wildlife disease; ecosystem health

  • Daniel Catlin
    Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and inference

  • Ashley Dayer
    Human dimensions, private lands conservation, bird conservation, human-wildlife conflict,
  • Luis E. Escobar
    Disease ecology, biogeography, One Health, conservation biology.

  • Mark Ford
    Wildlife habitat interactions (forest management and prescribed fire), white-tailed deer management, ecology and management of bats, non-volant small mammals and woodland salamanders, and high-elevation/relict forest management and restoration in the Appalachians.

  • James Fraser
    Endangered species management, conservation biology

  • Carola A. Haas
    Behavioral and population ecology; birds, reptiles, and amphibians in production agriculture and forestry systems; landscape effects on reproduction and dispersal

  • Bill Hopkins
    Environmental toxicology and wildlife physiology.

  • Sarah Karpanty
    Predator-Prey interactions; behavioral ecology

  • Marcella Kelly
    Ecology and population dynamics of mammal species. Tropical ecology and conservation. Predator ecology and conservation.

  • James Parkhurst
    Wildlife damage management; wetlands and wetland wildlife ecology; habitat management and manipulation

  • Dean Stauffer
    Modeling wildlife-habitat relationships; habitat analysis; habitat assessment and evaluation





Dana Keith
Assistant to Department Head
Fish and Wildlife Conservation
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Dr. Sarah Karpanty 
Graduate Program Coordinator 

Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Cheatham Hall, RM150, Virginia Tech
310 West Campus Drive (MC0321)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: (540) 231-4586
Fax: (540) 231-7580
Email: karpanty@vt.edu


Stephanie Hart, Director
The Advising Center
Cheatham Hall, RM138, Virginia Tech
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